Daily iPhone App: Posterity lets you remember the cute things your kids say

Parents, you know what it's like. Your child says the cutest thing and by the time you find a piece of paper to jot it down, you've forgotten half of what he or she said. Instead of rushing for a pen, you should grab your iPhone and launch Posterity.

Posterity is a step up from your average note-taking app because it's organized for a family. You can create an album of quotes for each child, which is extremely helpful if you have more than one offspring. You can also share quotes with family and friends via email or Facebook.

Posterity is efficient, too. You can create a quote, assign it to a child and store it within a few taps. The app appends the date and even lets you add a photo to remember the event behind the quote. If you want to recall a favorite quote, you can search each album by keyword or date.

There's also an import/export feature that lets you backup your data using iTunes in case your iPhone is lost, stolen or replaced with a newer model. For an app that's meant to store priceless memories, any data backup feature, even iTunes, is indispensable.

The biggest feature that's missing from Posterity is the ability to record video. Photos and text are great, but sometimes it's not what your children say, but how they say it that you want to remember. I would love to store a quote of my 2 year old saying "hi" to his little brother whose name is William. He can't say William, so he says something that sounds like Weyoun. I do have a random video of him stored on my NAS, but it would be nice to have the clip stored in one app along with his other precious quotes. This is a feature the developer will add in a future version.

Even without video, I still recommend Posterity to parents who want a running log of the adorable things their kids say. I wish it was around when my oldest (now 10-years-old) was a toddler. All those memories I could have saved. If you're hesitant, don't be. In a year or two from now, you'll be glad you bought the app and started saving these memorable moments.

Posterity: The Family Quote Book is available from the iOS App Store for US$1.99.