HTC One S shows up on T-Mobile's site, reveals its $599 price (update: $200 on-contract at Best Buy)

We know T-Mo's got a special HTC One S event in the works for later today, but it seems like someone's a tad bit trigger happy and decided to out the handset ahead of time. Currently posing freely on the carrier's site, this "Gradient Blue" flavor of the One S is showing a hefty $599 retail price, though surely will be lower with a subsidized deal in place. Aside from revealing how much damage it'll do if you take the no-contract route, T-Mobile's page is also listing the full set of features and specs packed within the One Series member. All the details should be officially unveiled soon, but until then you can head over to the source below, where you can add your name to the "Notify me" list if you plan on snatching one of these Sense 4-packing beasts.

Update: Well, that didn't take long. The phone has now also turned up on Best Buy's website, where it's listed with a slightly lower $550 off-contract price or the usual $200 on a two-year term. Orders are expected to ship after April 25th.

Update 2: It appears that a certain big box retailer just got a bit greedy. A tipster has pointed out that Best Buy has boosted the off-contract price of the One S to a full $650. [Thanks, Michael]

[Thanks, Will]