Wiipop incorporates Kinect camera and several Wiimotes into a veritable electric boogaloo

Sure, we've seen plenty of dancing games harness the Wii and Kinect's unique motion capture systems, but the Wiipop prototype takes things to another level, combining the technology of both with some pro-level dance moves. The game utilizes the Kinect's 3D camera and up to eight body-mounted Wiimotes, letting players improvise freestyle dance moves in a SingStar-like game, matching body pops to beats in a song. The game's not quite ready for primetime, but when it is, Christian "Mio" Loclair sees its potential beyond simple gameplay. The title could, perhaps, be used to help design choreographed productions or to generate and trigger visual effects for live performance. In the meantime, pop and lock into the video after the break.