Eyes-on Brytewerks Model One high-def projector and HTPC combo

Back in January, we got our first glimpse of BryteWerks' Model One projector, albeit in render form only. Well, today at DEMO, we finally saw the thing in person and uncovered a bit more info about its innards. It still pumps out 11,000 lumens and throws images on the wall in 1920 x 1200 resolution, but it turns out to have a range of Intel silicon at its disposal: everything from a humble 1.6GHz Atom up to a 3.6GHZ Core i7. There are also multiple storage options, as the Model One comes with an Intel 320 SSD (60 or 120GB) -- where the OS resides to ensure super fast boot times -- and up to a 2TB HDD, so you have plenty of room for all your media. Speaking of the OS, it turns out the projector/HTPC has two: a customized version of XBMC and Windows 7, plus a custom GUI (currently in development) to make calibrating the projector dead simple. Because the projector's 1200-watt metal halide bulb generates so much heat, the internal chassis is built of aluminum and houses the components into four individually cooled chambers. That way, all the PC parts can stay cool on the bottom even while the projector's running full bore.

We got to see a hand-built prototype in person, and the Model One strikes an imposing, if elegant figure. It's roughly a foot and a half square cube, with a black brushed metal exterior devoid of any branding or other ornamentation, save for the silver ring around the lens. The power, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and four RCA connections are situated in the black plastic feet to keep cord clutter to a minimum, and the lens up front is magnetically attached to make swapping it out a simple affair. We got to speak with its creator, Justin Evans, about the genesis of the device, and he informed us that he's but a humble filmmaker who's trying to help out independent theaters, film festivals, filmmakers, and consumers. His goal was to create a projector that's both easy to use and cheap as chips (comparatively speaking) to enable film editing on the big screen and make high quality movie projection available to the masses. Given that the Model One is set to start shipping in six to eight weeks at an asking price of $2999, we'd say he's hit the mark -- assuming the image quality is as good as he says it is, and the build quality of the production model's up to snuff, of course. Here's hoping we get to see the thing in action sometime soon.

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BryteWerks Model One Debuting at DEMO Spring 2012 April 18-19

SANTA CLARA, CA, Apr 17, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Boutique consumer electronics manufacturer BryteWerks will be debuting their stunning flagship product, The Model One, at this Spring's DEMO Conference, April 18-19 at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, California.

The Model One, the world's most powerful digital projector, is poised to revolutionize projection in not only professional theaters, but in indie theaters, home theaters, houses of worship, corporate boardrooms, museums, concert stages and more.

Boasting a bevy of tightly-integrated technologies and cutting-edge innovation in an ultra-sleek package, The Model One is an audio/video powerhouse and so much more. Its 1080p+ digital projection with ultra-high brightness, 7.1 digital audio output, onboard Blu-ray, built-in PC with SSD storage and a customized version of XBMC (the world's best media center) put it in a class all its own. Its rear-panel touch screen control, custom-designed superior optics and innovations like its 1:1 lens throw ratio, AIrheart(TM) cooling system, Mag-Snap(TM) I/O feet and remote control & networking capabilities via Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth & RF make it the only digital projector of its kind on the planet.

But it's so much more than that. The Model One is a game-changer.

With its simplicity, power and extremely wide range of available applications, The Model One is the choice for professionals and consumers alike. Projectionists finally have an effortless, portable way to show motion pictures professionally. Smooth, seamless and inexpensive projection has never been easier for film festivals, independent movie theaters, multiplexes -- or the home theater enthusiast. And The Model One's superior technology and revolutionary price point has the potential to not only supplant current consumer and professional offerings, but to help create new markets in exhibition: its incredible flexibility and portability will empower independent filmmakers to project their own films wherever they wish, becoming their own distributors. And small businesses like coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, bars or performing arts spaces can now screen motion pictures, hold video game tournaments, and project the big game like never before, enjoying new revenue streams.

Enterprise customers will find The Model One is equally suited for large scale corporate events. And thanks to its onboard PC (available in four powerful configurations), houses of worship, performing art spaces, concert stages and feature film editing bays will never be the same. Want to project lyrics for the congregation without dimming the lights in the sanctuary? How about beat-synced visuals for the band on stage? What about editing or color grading your next film on the big screen? Fancy doing some projection mapping on the side of a building? The Model One can do it all without breaking a sweat.

This is how revolutions begin.

Inspired and developed by a filmmaker, The Model One is a marvel in movie theaters and therefore a free public expedition of the projector will be held next month in Alameda, CA. Signup for the screening at DEMO Spring 2012 or joining the mailing list on the BryteWerks website. Further information will be released exclusively to those subscribed.

BryteWerks President and Co-Founder, Justin Eugene Evans, will be on hand at the DEMO conference with the BryteWerks team to introduce The Model One and provide feedback, insight, and interviews.

For details about BryteWerks and the Model One, please visit the BryteWerks webpage at or contact April Krubel, Public Relations at

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