Google pushes IMM76I ICS build to HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, reportedly quells connectivity woes

If you've been facing signal issues with your HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus since that recent Android 4.0.4 update, you'll be happy to know that Google's apparently readied another minor update that might help. A small amount of owners have noticed a new build of Android 4.0.4, listed as build IMM76I, showing up on their devices. As The Verge notes, Google hasn't publicly come out with what's been changed from the previous IMM76D build, but many folks over on the forums at XDA-Developers and Android Central have noticed that their handsets' cellular connectivity has improved. Furthermore, Android Central says that devices set to auto brightness aren't experiencing lag on the lock screen as some have had issue with. Mum's the word on when the update will hit every HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, but move your cursor over to links below for all the information that's currently available.