Tetris takes over MIT building in case of hack as high art (video)

College pranks usually involve livestock, panties, the use of permanent marker on an unconscious, not-so-innocent partygoer or a combination thereof. But when you gather the cream of the geek crop at a hallowed higher learning institution like MIT, those playful tricks turn into wide-scale works of technical wonderment. Unbeknownst to members of the Earth and Planetary Science departments that inhabit the site of this larger-than-life hack, their building -- long a target for the university's mischievous overachievers -- had its grid-like layout of windows converted into a fully workable version of Tetris, complete with colored "pieces" and increasing levels of difficulty. So, is this merely a case of public performance art or just high-minded shenaningans from some very capable, idle hands? Check out the video below to view this Cambridge, MA-based tomfoolery and decide for yourself.