Spotted: HP's special edition Pavilion dm1 by Alexandre Herchcovitch

Sometimes we tech writers are little more than laptop pornographers, aren't we? After smiling for Bond Blog's cameras earlier this month, this special edition HP Pavilion dm1 surfaced at a media event here in the states, and naturally we couldn't resist snapping a few in-the-wild shots of our own. Decked out by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch, it features all the specs you'd expect from a dm1z (AMD Fusion APU, 11.6-inch display, etc.) except it's been gussied up to resemble that gold frock pictured below. What might interest you even more than the couture, though, is that this is the first time HP's let one of its guest laptop designers alter the texture on the interior as well. In this case, that means even the keycaps have a rough, almost snakeskin-like texture, just like the lid and underbelly. HP also took the opportunity to clarify that this will retail for $630 exclusively through QVC. That's not exactly cheap -- the unadorned dm1z starts at just $400 with the same specs -- though that's hardly the $1,800 price we were expecting. And, the laptop comes bundled with a matching mouse and faux leather sleeve -- for whatever that little bit of color coordination is worth.