Line2 for iOS now offers MMS support within its network, adds location sharing

One of your favorite, dock-worthy iOS apps just got a tad bit better. We're talking 'bout Line2, who's just hit version 8.0.0 and is bringing with it a slew of long-awaited traits. Of these, the most notable is the inclusion of MMS, which now allows users to send out pics to other folks using Line2's service. That said, you can share media with people outside the Line2 network, but due to carrier restrictions, the MMS being sent will only show up as a link on the receiving end. To go alongside that Multimedia Messaging Service, the app's also adding a new location sharing feature (for those who don't mind the occasional stalking). As of now, the fresh goods are exclusive to the iOS crowd, while an update for the Android variant is said to be in the works. As usual, you can grab the app straight from the App Store on your device or via the iTunes link below.