New preview available for Final Fantasy XIV's Garuda fight

Many-winged angel.

The primals are among the greatest forces within Eorzea, something that Final Fantasy XIV players are no doubt acutely aware of after the clash with Ifrit. The second primal battle is coming, pitting players against Garuda, deity of the Ixali. That means another pitched battle against a superior foe in the Howling Eye, a battle which the official site has just recently previewed with a video of the fight in hard mode and a video preview of the new weapon rewards.

According to the lore, the Ixali revere Garuda as the Empress of Birds, a soaring deity who maintains an appetite for the flesh of land-dwelling creatures. She is the incarnate strength of the bird-men as well as a source of great terror. But just as with Ifrit, players who defeat her can expect to have a variety of fantastic weapons, as illustrated in the video just past the break. Just be careful -- if you aren't on the ball when you fight her, you could find yourself completely blown away.

[Thanks to Alex for the tip!]