Oracle v. Google trial reveals renders of original Google phone design

Not all the news coming out of Judge Alsup's courtroom concerns IP infringement and dollar signs, as some renders of a never-before-seen Google phone have made their way out of the courtroom and onto the web. It appears that before the T-Mobile G1 came to be, Google had its heart set on a portrait QWERTY design for its initial Android offering -- and different from what was found in the first Android emulator. Evidently, it was slated to pack at least a 200MHz chip, 64MB of RAM and ROM, a miniSD card, 2-megapixel camera with a dedicated shutter button and a non-touch-enabled QVGA display. That's a far cry from modern smartphones, but this thing was set to be sold five years ago, so such meager specs are to be expected. Intrigued? More pictures and details can be found at the source below.