Panasonic spins off Sanyo DI Solutions, keeps the digital camera OEMs happy

Panasonic and Sanyo have only been life partners for about a year and a half now, but already the relationship has created a bundle of joy -- of a sort. Hot on the heels of some less-than-chipper financial news comes word that Panasonic is spinning off a portion of Sanyo. Sanyo DI Solutions is the name for the new creation, which will represent the company's efforts in producing OEM digital cameras -- cameras that get slapped with other manufacturers' labels before being sold as such. According to AV Watch, Panasonic's ownership had put a strain on Sanyo's fragile manufacturing partnerships, partnerships that can now bear beautiful, rebadged fruit. Sanyo DI Solutions will start with 10 million yen in capital and will go fully independent on July 1st. Hopefully it remembers to call home from time to time.