Scalado Album launches for Android, we go hands-on (video)

Scalado just released Album, its first ever Android app to land in Google's Play store. The company -- which is best known for imaging technologies such as zero shutter lag, Rewind and Remove -- usually provides software to device manufacturers instead of end users directly. Album is billed as "a simple to use, high performance, photo/video viewer with a clean and smooth user interface" that handles pictures up to 200 (!) megapixels in size. The app costs $0.99 and is available for both smartphones and tablets. It features some interesting touches, like the ability to browse geotagged images using a map view.

We had the opportunity to take Album for a quick spin before launch and the app offers an intuitive and responsive user experience. Beyond organizing photos into the usual bins -- like the camera roll and the folders on your device -- the main screen lets you browse content by time (monthly) and location (including nearby). You can delete, share, rotate (in place) and crop pictures, plus display the file info and turn images into wallpaper. The grid view uses animated thumbnails for the videos and supports multiple selection. While not groundbreaking, Album is a solid app and the aforementioned map view is definitely worth checking out.

Take a peek at our gallery of screenshots below (from our HTC One X) and hit the break for Scalado's demo video and PR.

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The world's best Album now available on Google Play

Scalado promises unique viewing experience and performance in a new Album

Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, applications and services for the mobile industry, have today announced it will be targeting end users directly by enabling its world leading products for download on different app stores starting with the release of the best album ever on Google Play. The Scalado Album application is a simple to use, high performance, photo/video viewer with a clean and smooth user interface, built on top of Scalado's latest innovative technologies. The application provides an incomparable user experience with respect to ease-of-use, responsiveness, performance and quality.

"We are merely moving the decision to have the world's best Album, in mobile phones, tablets and smartTVs, from OEMs to the millions of end users", says Fadi Abbas, CMO/VP BizDev and Co-founder of Scalado, -"After all, it is over there the decisions are and will be made, therefore the market should expect similar moves from Scalado in the near future."

Scalado Album is very easy to use and has features like super fast browsing and viewing, instant zoom and pan into up to 200 megapixels images, smart sorting by places, search nearby, date and others, fast and smart search and find features, animated thumbnails for videos, and much more.

This strategic move from Scalado was preceded by a successful release of the Scalado Camera Lover application for the Nokia Symbian devices on the OVI store, where it was downloaded over 1.4 million times in less than 3 months between November 2011 and January 2012.

"This is the first time ever we enable our technologies for download on Google Play", says Sami Niemi, CTO and Co-founder of Scalado, -"our team is excited to get the end users feedbacks on this."