Hot shoe adapter for Sony NEX-5 and NEX-5N gets the hands-on treatment

The Sony NEX-7 we reviewed last month is the only cam from the NEX line to include a hot shoe for attaching an external flash, but NEX Proshop just introduced an unofficial workaround for the NEX-5N and NEX-5, a hot shoe adapter that will ship for $79.99. Engadget Chinese got to handle a unit and gave it a spin on the NEX-5N. In addition to allowing for an external flash, the adapter lets you automatically sync with the internal one, with the recommended max shutter speed being 1/ 250s. Our sister site's hands-on version didn't allow for tightening the screw position with a coin, which resulted in the adapter coming a bit loose -- so perhaps this isn't the exact model that will ship. Hop on over to the original post for more photos.