Human Head 'fully intends' to make a more savage Rune sequel


Now that Prey 2 has been pushed back, it seems that Human Head co-founder Ted Halsted wants to put up the green light on bringing back the 10-plus year old action title, Rune. "I can't reveal what we've got planned," he says, "but we fully intend to bring digital viking mayhem into the here-and-now."

There were rumblings of a sequel a few years ago, but the potential game's publisher at the time decided to pass on funding development. These days, Kickstarter is the funding method of choice, but Halstead only says he's glad there are multiple methods to funding, and the team "certainly wouldn't rule out Kickstarter."

What else can we expect from this not-officially-announced project? Halsted says a second game would offer a more savage viking world, with updated combat, and a big emphasis on clan-based multiplayer. "We're envisioning an action-world of warrior tribes," says Halsted. They're just not, you know, announcing it yet.