Study: One in four iPad customers are new to Apple

Remember the early generation iPods - they were so popular and it seemed like everyone, even non-Mac users, had one? A recent NPD report about the iPad suggests the tablet device is slowly replacing the iPod as the device that gets people into the Apple ecosystem. In its Apple Ecosystem Study, the NPD group says 25 percent of buyers in the US snagged the iPad as their first Apple device.

In its heyday, over 70 percent of Apple product owners purchased an iPod as their first Apple device. This number drops to 57 percent when you poll people who bought their first Apple device in the last two years. During this same two year period, the number of people picking an iPad or an iPhone as their first Apple device has climbed to 33 percent. Not surprisingly, this transition is reflected in Apple quarterly sales, which has shown a steady decline in iPod sales and increasing iPad and iPhone sales.

[Via AppleInsider]