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Dealers wanting to sell Ford's first all-electric car must Focus on the environment

You can't just sell the new 2012 Ford Focus Electric, you've got to embrace what it stands for, or at least that's what Dearborn is telling its dealers. Per the company HQ, outfits hoping to offer the electric hatchback on their lots later this year must send sales staff through a special electric vehicle training program. What's more, all dealerships carrying the electric Focus must install a minimum of two EV charging stations on their premises and enroll in Ford's Go Green program. Go Green, which has been optional up to this point, looks to improve the sustainability and efficiency of shops, regardless of age. So far, 76 dealerships in California, New Jersey and New York (the initial launch markets) have stepped up to the plate and will be selling the EV. Ford's hoping to capture the hearts and minds of those with electric personalities who haven't already settled for on the competition from Nissan.