Microsoft puts Windows Phone 7 app developers on notice of four new Marketplace policies


As the poet once said, "Mo' apps, mo' problems", or something like that. The Windows Phone Marketplace continues to grow and with more eyeballs on it, Microsoft is making sure devs know the rules that will keep their apps in the store instead of on the sideline. Trademark and copyright issues headline the new areas of enforcement, followed up by making sure bulk published apps are in the right categories, packaged with tile images and branding that make it clear which one is which and what they do. Rounding out the list are keywords -- pepper your app with popular, but unrelated terms at your own peril -- and apps that currently overstep the allowed boundary "racy" content. In the end only you, the users, can report if these policies are making it easier to navigate the ever expanding amount of apps so let us know -- are things clogged up with intentionally mislabeled crapware, or is it smooth sailing?