RunCore's Mini DOM packs single-chip, SATA-based SSD into tiny places

Fitting a truly quick solid-state drive into a small space isn't easy, and for that reason RunCore's new Mini DOM (Disk On Module) stands out from the crowd. It's billed as the first single-chip SSD to use a SATA interface (SATA II, to be exact), giving it that much more bandwidth than the pokey IDE and PATA DOMs of old while remaining under half the size of a regular mSATA drive. RunCore's own tests show it hitting about 113MB/s sequential reads and 47MB/s writes. Neither figure will knock the socks off even a mainstream budget SSD like Intel's SSD 330, but they're more than brisk enough for embedded gear. The drives can survive brutal conditions, too: an Industrial Grade trim level can survive temperatures as chilly as -40F and as scorching as 185F. So, the next time you pry open some military equipment and see one of these sitting inside, in three different formats and capacities from 8GB to 64GB, you'll know exactly what you're looking at.

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RunCore introducing new product of rSSD series - Mini DOM, the world's first single-chip SATA DOM

(Changsha, China – May 1st, 2012) - RunCore, a leading manufacturer of high-performance and rugged solid state drives (SSDs), today introduced their latest single-chip SATA DOM SSDs, the Mini DOM.

The RunCore Mini DOM SSD is a SATA DOM SSD in a real tiny size. By applying SATA II interface, the RunCore Mini DOM offers even higher performance and reliability as compared to the earlier IDE/ATA models in the market. In order to fulfill different system structures, RunCore Mini DOM provides three different solutions: 7 pin Horizontal-female SATA DOM, 7 pin Vertical-female SATA DOM, and 22 pin Horizontal-male SATA DOM. With different capacity ranges from 8GB to 64GB and 2 grades of temperature range, Commercial Grade (0℃ to 70℃) and Industrial Grade (-40℃ to 85℃), RunCore Mini DOM SSD can be widely used in National defense field, Industrial PC and Embedded Systems.

With the self-designed rSSD as the storage media – the 104-ball FBGA package - RunCore's new Mini DOM is the world's first single-chip DOM product featuring its enhanced reliability of Writing Protection, and the selectable 7pin VCC supply voltage or 5V input. In addition, RunCore's Mini DOM offers an optional function of Intelligent Destruction to ensure users' data security, which is for cases of emergency, data stored in the SSD could be fully deleted by triggering the intelligent destruction button in a short period of time.

Combined with ultra-portable design, wide variety solutions for different requests and the special Intelligent Destruction function, RunCore Mini DOM SSD is surely a superb compact product to meet all your requirements.