GameKeyboard 2.0 requires root, maps Xperia Play gamepad to all Android games (video)

Upon its debut, the Xperia Play suffered from a lack of game titles that were compatible with its unique built-in gamepad. While the selection has improved considerably since its inception, the question remains: wouldn't it be nice if the handset supported any Android game you threw at it? Wonder no longer, because that's exactly what GameKeyboard 2.0 brings to the table. Yes, the app requires root access, but most importantly, it allows users to map on-screen touch controllers to the Xperia Play's physical gamepad. While it's slightly cumbersome to setup for the first time, anybody who has ever configured an emulator with a USB game controller will feel right at home. GameKeyboard 2.0 sells for $2.49 in the Play Store, and if you'd like a quick overview of how it all works, just hop the break for a video. Those who proceed with the download will also benefit from written instructions (for both root access and configuration) in the xda-developers forums.

[Thanks, Dreb]