32-inch 'LaserSaber' lights up your Star Wars dreams, burns the curtains (video)

If you enjoyed all those not-at-all tiresome "May the 4th be with you" tweets yesterday, then this is likely right up your equatorial trench. Wicked Lasers, makers of the eye-meltingly powerful S3 Krypton laser has developed a $100 attachment for the same that will bring a few not-so-little boys' dreams true. The ahem LaserSaber add-on takes the pin-sharp beam of light from the company's S3 range of lasers, and sends it down a 32" polycarbonate "blade". A so called magnetic gravity system imitates the powering-up and down of those other famous sabers, but they stopped at adding sound effects. Bear in mind, you're still dealing with imperial levels of light here, so dueling is most definitely not recommended, but if you want the nearest thing to the real deal, remember, May the 5th we told you.