Apple mods nano-SIM design, awaits Nokia's tiny rebuttal

Apple and Nokia agree that a smaller SIM card will aid them in their quest to create better phones for us all, but the two disagree about what that new SIM should look like. You see, Nokia claims that Cupertino's proposed card violates ETSI's -- the standards body that'll make the final call on the one nano-SIM to rule them all -- requirement that the nano-SIM design preclude people from fitting it into a microSD slot. Well, that complaint didn't fall upon deaf ears, as Apple apparently put SIM maker Giesecke & Devrient to work making a new version that solves the problem with some additional plastic in all the right places. Of course, this new design doesn't address Nokia's claims that its design is technically superior, so it's unlikely to win approval from its Finnish opponents. While Apple's new nano-SIM seems to eliminate one hurdle in its way, RIM's accusation that Apple's attempt to rig ETSI's decision in its favor has yet to be dealt with. That means it'll be a bit before we know if Cupertino's plan for nano-SIM domination will succeed. Stay tuned.

Sean Cooper contributed to this report.