Fujitsu unveils two new LifeBooks, shows some Ivy Bridge zen

Fujitsu's teased us before with Intel's hot new chipset, but now it's getting ready to actually ship two notebooks with Intel's third-gen Core i7 CPU. The first, like others before it, will be a refresh of an older model, the LifeBook LH532, with its last-gen i7 tech swapped out for Ivy Bridge. Other specs will stay the same, with 2GB of system memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT620M graphics with 2GB of VRAM and a 15.6 14-inch 1366x768 high definition TFT LED wide screen. The LifeBook LH772, on the other hand, is an all-new model which will have the same Ivy Bridge i7 horsepower and screen, but the addition of a 2GB NVIDIA Optimus graphics and 4GB of RAM. Being more upmarket than its cousin, it'll have added touches like Onkyo Box Speakers, a DTS UltraPC II Plus sound system and a fingerprint sensor.

Both LifeBooks will have Fujitsu's Face Sense utility, which uses a front facing camera to detect your presence, and pause the system if you're not there. Fujitsu is also touting its Takumi design philosophy, supposedly offering zen-like simplicity and attention to detail -- with features like multiple color choices, rounded keyboard outlines, leveled palm rests and dichromatic keys. Fujitsu hasn't announced pricing yet, but if you need to hit your tasks quickly but harmoniously, check the PR below for more details.

Update: The Lifebook LH532 is a 14" model, not 15.6". Apologies for any confusion.

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Fujitsu Launches The Premium Made In Japan Multimedia LIFEBOOK LH772 Powered By The New 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor

Infusing the Takumi Philosophy, the LIFEBOOK LH772 joins the LIFEBOOK LH532 to achieving the perfect balance of beauty and functionality

Asia Pacific, May 02, 2012 - Fujitsu, the No.1 (1) Global Tablet PC Vendor (2011 by units shipment), today launches the first LIFEBOOK to incorporate the new mobile Intel® platform. Symphony at your fingertips – the newest LIFEBOOK LH772 orchestrates and fulfils your multimedia and entertainment desires with the Japanese ONKYO® box speakers and enhanced DTS UltraPC II Plus™ Sound System.

"Fujitsu stays dedicated to our Japanese roots and the Takumi philosophy with the new LIFEBOOK LH772, which is the perfect epitome of style and function," said Mr. Lim Teck Sin, Vice President, Product Marketing and Engineering, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Ltd. "We endeavour to keep our 'Made in Japan' promise of premium quality and will continue to deliver great surprises and exciting products to our customers in 2012."

The Takumi Philosophy (匠)

Ultimate dedication, expertise and experience to create the perfect Fujitsu LIFEBOOK

The new 2012 Fujitsu range of LIFEBOOK is intrinsically designed with the Takumi Philosophy which embodies 4 key elements – the Infinity Mark as a badge of excellence and innovation; the distinctive F-Line Keyboard outline to illustrate our craftsmanship and attention to details; a minimalistic, Zen-like Rounded Profile to signify simplicity and undivided focus on quality; and User-Centric Shared Details in the forms of a perfectly clean and levelled palm rest and a dichromatic, double injection colour isolation keyboard for both visual appeal and comfort, a chrome on/off power button with an illuminated ring and clear indications of the ports on the sides of the keypad for ease of use and a class of sophistication.


The LIFEBOOK AH532/A532 – The Perfect Multimedia Desktop Alternative
Achieve greater mobility, performance and multimedia experience with the LIFEBOOK AH532/A532.

Riding on the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® 7-Series chipset, the AH532/A532 has the latest, built-in, high speed 1600MHz memory module for smooth processing, even with multiple applications,

Further powered by the latest NVIDIA® GeForce GT620M graphic card with a 2G VRAM and equipped with a 15.6 inch SuperFine High Definition TFT back-light LED wide screen display and DTS Boost™ Sound Enhancement, the machine offers the most compelling visuals, uninterrupted video playbacks and sound quality for a real theatre sensation. Be amazed by the impressive graphics with prominent precision on video and images.

The AH532/A532 offers a high flexibility with the modular bay device, which supports the Dual Layer DVD Super Multi Writer and the Dual Layer Blu-Ray Writable Drive. Users can play their favourite Blu Ray movies on the AH532. It even supports CD-R and CDR-W writes for ultimate file storage convenience.

Adopting the Takumi philosophy and designed for ease of use and comfort, the machine features a classy isolation, spill-resistant keyboard with a full key and number pad for swift game-playing and typing conveniences. The AH532 is also designed to be slimmer in built, measuring only 36.5mm in its diameter and lightweight in its class at approximately 2.4kg.

Dedicated to deliver as an all-in-one communication tool and high connectivity machine, the AH532/A532 comes equipped with a High Definition camera, built-in digital microphone and high quality stereo speakers, Bluetooth® v4.0, 4 USB ports (3 X USB 3.0 and 1 X USB 2.0), HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and up to 802.11n wireless connection; essential to getting connected to the world at the comfort of your home or office.

The corporate A532 offers a good value as an entry level office desktop alternative.

Enjoy ultimate sound and visual quality like never before with the Made-In-Japan LIFEBOOK LH772.
The multimedia powerhouse is exquisitely fitted with the ONKYO® Box Speakers that delivers exceptional audio performance and crystal-clear sound clarity. The DTS UltraPC II Plus™ Sound System minimises sound interference while enabling a vast distinction in audio pleasure.
Driven by the powerful, new 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, i7 Quad Core on the Intel® Chief River Platform with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Boost Technology 2.0, the LIFEBOOK LH772 integrates a dedicated 2GB NVIDIA® Optimus™ graphics and a 14-inch High Definition SuperFine LCD screen, to bring you the perfect balance of performance and long battery lifespan. Immerse and enjoy the melodious symphonic concerts or be amazed by the realistic sound and visual effects from the latest action blockbusters at the luxury and comfort of your home.
With the Japanese Takumi design philosophy in mind, the LIFEBOOK LH772 is housed in 3 beautiful urban colours of Shiny Black, Urban White and Cosmos Pink.
A key strength in Fujitsu's innovations is the ability to incorporate user-centric features in our notebooks.
The LIFEBOOK LH772 comes with the new Face Sense Utility that intelligently pauses or resumes applications or activities on the LIFEBOOK when human presence is detected. Ergonomically designed with full-sized dichromatic keys and 10-key number pad, the notebook comes with an exquisitely designed textured palm rest to prevent any residual fingerprint while giving a luxurious feel at the same time. The Fujitsu scroll wheel, touch pad, Finger Print Sensor and Status LED indicator all come together to provide great convenience and ease of use when working on the LIFEBOOK. Another key innovation is the Japan patented technology dust filter which is an effective total ventilation solution that allows easy cleaning and maintenance, thus resulting in prolonging the LIFEBOOK's operational life.

Refreshed LIFEBOOK LH532 With New 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
With the introduction of the new Intel platform, the LIFEBOOK LH532 is now refreshed with the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, i7 Quad Core on the Intel® Chief River Platform.
For information on the LIFEBOOK LH532, please see the previous announcement:
Fujitsu Infuses the Japanese TAKUMI Philosophy in the 2012 LIFEBOOK Lineup

(The above information shows the general technical specifications of the product and does not represent actual configuration that would be sold in your region. For specific configurations and their availability, please check with your local distributors.

1. Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker Q4 2011, Tablet PC includes Microsoft Windows based Tablets and excludes Media Tablets such as the Apple iPad and Android-based Tablets.

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