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Aperion unveils the ARIS wireless speaker, invites Windows devices to the wireless shindig for $499

Jealous of your iOS-wielding mates and their fancy AirPlay docks? If so, Aperion Audio is looking provide some relief. The outfit has revealed the ARIS, a wireless speaker that makes use of the Play To feature that resides within the Windows OS. You can expect WiFi or Ethernet connectivity via your home network at the push of a button, enabling the 100W RMS speaker to blast your tunes from across the room without creating a cable obstacle course. The kit is housed in a brushed aluminum enclosure that rests atop an adjustable / removable steel base and features three sounds modes for your listening pleasure: natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo. There's also an ARIS app that allows you to select music from any device on the network for playback on the speaker -- transforming your smartphone into a remote control of sorts. Should the need arise for wired streaming (via non-Windows devices, we'd surmise), an auxiliary jack resides on the speaker's backside. If you're looking to snag one, it'll set you back $499. Still interested? Take a gander at the gallery below before hitting the source link to pre-order yours to ship next month.

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Aperion Audio Introduces Hi-Fi via Wi-Fi for Windows

Aperion ARIS™ Wireless Speaker for Windows lets music enthusiasts listen anywhere in their homes

Redmond, WA - (May 8, 2012) – Aperion Audio, a direct-to-consumer maker of award-winning home theater speaker systems, today gives Microsoft employees a sneak preview of its newest wireless speaker. The Aperion ARIS lets digital music lovers listen to their tunes from any room in their home. They simply place the speaker where they want it and connect via wireless or Ethernet to their home network using the Windows 7 and/or Windows 8 Consumer Preview operating systems.

Most people today store their music on a variety of digital devices, including desktops, laptops, notebook PCs, network storage drives, tablets and smartphones. These devices are usually on the home network, but users can listen to music only on a device that is physically plugged into a powered speaker or stereo system. The ARIS wireless speaker eliminates the need to move music files between devices or plug and unplug cables to hear specific tracks. Using the Windows 7 "Play To" feature, music lovers can send music from any device on the network to an ARIS speaker located where they want to listen.

"The ARIS Wireless Speaker combines our experience in making wireless speaker systems with the media capabilities of the Windows operating system," says Mike Hopkins, Product Development Manager at Aperion Audio. "The result is effortless listening from any room. Plus, with the new ARIS app, smartphone users can choose music from any device on their network and instantly send it to any connected ARIS speaker."

ARIS connects to a home network at the push of a button using Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The all-in-one ARIS speaker system includes six internal drivers and four amplifiers
that provide a total of 100 W RMS power. The brushed aluminum enclosure, measuring 6.5 inches high by 14.75 inches wide, increases rigidity to fill most rooms with full-range, distortion-free stereo sound.

"We're excited to see the launch of a product that combines Aperion's experience in building high-quality wireless audio with the built-in music streaming capabilities in Windows," says Aidan Marcuss, Sr. Director, Windows Core Marketing and Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. " The Aris products have earned the Compatible with Windows 7 logo, ensuring a seamless install experience."

Key Features of the Aperion ARIS Connected Speaker for Windows:
Single-piece brushed aluminum enclosure
Adjustable and removable steel base
100 W RMS total power
Six internal speakers (four powered drivers, two passive radiators)
Three sound modes: natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo
Push-button connection to home network using Wi-Fi Protected Setup
Compatible with Windows 7 (Compatible with Windows 8 pending)
DLNA® certified

Pricing, Availability and Warranty:
The Aperion ARIS Speaker with ARIS Wireless Card for Windows is priced at $499. Pre-orders will be accepted starting May 8, 2012, and the system is expected to ship mid-June 2012. The one (1)-year limited warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship.