Brookstone fuel cell USB charger to keep phones powered for two weeks, Engadget editors happy

If there's a pain that Engadget writers know all too well, it's running out of battery life for a smartphone when we need it most. Say, at a major trade show. That's why we're enthused to hear of an upcoming fuel cell USB charger that Lilliputian Systems is developing for Brookstone. The lighter fluid-filled tank should provide up to 14 full charges for your phone before you need to spend a few dollars to top up, or two weeks if you power up daily -- we'd call that about two CES' worth in our lingo. Better still, using a solid oxide membrane on silicon not only makes a long fuel cell runtime possible, longer than we've seen for methanol, but makes the phone-sized pack safe to carry on the airliners we ride entirely too often. Pricing has yet to be sorted out, but with Brookstone stores likely to start carrying the fuel cell before the end of the year, it should be ready just in time for our next big trip to Las Vegas.