Nokia swings Mail for Exchange to Series 40 dumbphones: now in beta labs for testing (video)

Nokia isn't just shaking up your browser on your humble Series 40 phone. This time, those cheap little bundles of communication goodness are preparing to get mail for Exchange, with the feature now undergoing testing in its Beta Labs. While Nokia might not be king of the phone hill anymore, there's still plenty of its solid dumbphones itching to get a taste of corporate email. This holds especially true for developing countries where the phone series still sells well and where Nokia's still pushing to increase its foothold. While you'll only be able to feel up the beta at the source below, the full-fat version is shaping up for a June launch and will be initially compatible with both the Asha 302 and 303. You'll need your phone's latest software to test out the beta, but if you're covered there, grab your goggles and visit Nokia's labs at the source below. If not, you'll have to make do with the intro video after the break.