Ample's cute 'Eo' EV claims it's the world's first e-quadrimotorcycle, we hope not the last

While EVs come in all shapes and sizes, one thing seems to remain constant -- a witty electricity pun. This time up its Ample, and its "Eo" e-quadrimotorcycle. A quadri-ma-whatcycle? Basically, a light, low-powered four-wheeled electric vehicle. The Eo's 40 miles per hour top speed might not be teeth-rattlingly fast, but it means it can eke out 124 miles on a single charge. Essentially, it's a single seated vehicle, but there are two fold-out chairs in the back if you want to make things even more cosy, while other gizmos on board include backward-facing cameras that pipe into a screen on the dash, replacing the need for mirrors. The Eo was on display at EVS26 in California, but no word on if, or when, we can expect to see this cutting us up on the school run.