HD video possible in upcoming Leica compact, bon vivants check trust funds

Full-frame HD video in a brand new compact body, with Leica lenses? It could happen, but if you have to ask why exorbitant Leicas don't already do video then you probably can't afford it. While still calling the feature "theoretical", Leica's chairman Dr. Andreas Kaufmann intimated that the company had solved issues with data rate, battery life and heat for a possible M9 replacement. He also said that HD would be shown soon on "existing and new models", and Leica would stick with Truesense imaging, the former Kodak shop which supplies the M9 CCD, to make the new full-frame sensor. Whether that means video could also be retrofitted to existing M-series rangefinders remains to be seen, but more will be revealed on September 18th. Until then, if you need to make an extravagant splurge, the Hermes M9-P, perhaps?