The Daily Grind: Must MMO housing be open-world to be good?


Whenever the Great MMO Housing debate rears its head, the "of course MMOs ought to have housing" players usually drown out the curmudgeons who lack decorating skills and prefer to live out of their banks and sleep on a bedroll on the public streets (you know who you are!). And then, inevitably, the housing fans turn on each other over which type of housing is best.

Some of us are resigned to the belief that, at best, themepark MMOs willing to take a stab at housing are forever going to implement the instanced variety a la EverQuest II and Lord of the Rings Online, so we may as well get used to it. But sandbox zealots (a term I'm intending affectionately) insist that housing must be open-world, that players should be able to walk up to their own unique spaces within a game and build their abodes from foundation to rooftop. Instanced housing, they say, is just pointless when other people can't easily see what you've created.

What do you think -- is MMO housing just a waste of dev resources if it isn't open-world?

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