Acer outs Ivy Bridge-packing TravelMate P243 notebook series in the UK

Needless to say, Ivy Bridge is here to stay -- at least until Intel takes us on a different road. That being said, Acer just announced a business-oriented machine of its own with Intel's latest chips onboard. Part of the outfit's TravelMate lineup, this 14-inch (1366 x 768) P243 rocks some pretty standard features, including a Core i5, Ivy Bridge processor, an HD webcam for all those Skype calls and a USB 3.0 port. As expected, depending on configuration, you'll also be able to choose up to 8GB of RAM, as well as NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics if you don't mind shelling out the extra cash. Speaking of, Acer's pricing the TravelMate P243 starting at £339 (about $536) once it hits UK shelves -- though, there's no word on when that'll be. In the meantime, you can check out some additional eye candy after the break.


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Acer TravelMate P243 series - Fast, efficient and reliable computing

Designed to meet the needs of SMB and SOHO for multi-task processing performance, efficiency and reliability, the new Acer TravelMate P243 add to the mix a pleasant yet practical design. All details have been fine-tuned by Acer to offer the optimal user experience whether at home or on the go.

The new TravelMate P243 series takes advantage of the third generation Intel® Core™ processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology ensuring smart performance that adapts to users' needs, giving a significantly faster performance to speed through demanding tasks and boost productivity, while saving energy. In addition, these processors provide built-in capabilities for enhanced multimedia creation and enjoyment.

Business activities are increasingly reliant on graphics and multimedia. As a result, Acer engineered the new TravelMate models to deliver a superb visual performance for sharper images, richer colour and life-like images, enabling high-definition video and audio playback. According to the model, these notebooks are available with NVIDIA® GeForce GT 630M which provides the best graphics capability and balance of performance on demand, while supporting outstanding Microsoft® DirectX® 11 graphics maximize productivity and improve multitasking performance.

Protecting users' assets is one of Acer main goals when developing a new professional notebook. This is why the TravelMate P243 features robust security solutions. It comes with Acer ProShield Security, a suite of security and manageability tools integrated in a unified user interface.
Acer ProShield features pre-boot authentication (PBA) and protects the notebook from BIOS level all the way to application level. It allows creating a Personal Secure Drive (PSD) to seamlessly store and encrypting all critical files, so that even if the notebook is stolen or lost the data cannot be accessed. Unwanted files or folders can be permanently removed beyond recovery thanks to the File Shredder utility. Finally, it offers the automated solution to manage IT assets remotely and on the go.

Another layer of security is offered by Acer Backup/eRecovery Manager to backup your valuable data and media library and protect your assets. Recovery is on demand thanks to Acer eRecovery Manager. Wake-on-LAN allowing a computer to be turned on by a network message, provides remote management options.

What's more, the TravelMate P243 comes with Acer Office Manager (AOM), a manageability solution which allows SMB to deploy security policies, monitor IT assets, and schedule maintenance tasks in one simple manageability package.

All Acer professional notebooks are submitted to a series of reliability tests and are compliant with the most stringent criteria of the industry, thus ensuring the utmost reliability. On top of this they offer Energy Star® 5.0 compliancy together with EPEAT® Gold1 qualification, guaranteeing energy savings and longer battery life.