Pentax K-30 leaks out in French catalog, teases us with weather resistance and 1080p video

It's been more than a year and a half since Pentax first put out the K-r as its entry DSLR, so it's about time that a sequel roll along to keep the company in the game. If we believe a French catalog, the K-30 should soon one-up its 2010-era brother with a new 16-megapixel sensor and an upgrade to "full HD" (read: likely 1080p) video from the 720p of today. Most of the real change, though, appears to be on the outside: the body would be "tropicalized," which we're sure means weather resistance and not a trip to Tahiti. We'll be a bit disappointed if there aren't subtler under-the-hood changes, though, as the ISO 25,600 sensitivity wouldn't be any different than with the K-r, and the four frames per second continuous shooting would be a decided step back from the six of the K-30's ancestor. The €799 ($1,014) with-tax price for an 18-55mm kit version likewise seems a bit steep for an entry DSLR, although we'll bite given that this is the "maximum." Let's just hope there's some wild color options in the pipeline whenever the K-30 arrives.