Mobile security researchers present Android Malware Genome Project at IEEE

Mobile security researchers announce Android Malware Genome Project at IEEE

Android's openness, combined with its popularity, has lead a few of the developer faithful astray -- with malware being a legitimate concern for the mobile operating system. To help combat the issue, Xuxian Jiang, an NC State researcher, has created the Android Malware Genome Project, which was presented at the IEEE Symposium on Security this week. The aim is to collect and analyse all the known malicious software, and share the findings so that more effective and preventative measures to be taken by the community. Jiang claims that the main drawback has been understanding the malware, and getting access to examples, something the project aims to solve. More than 1,200 malware samples have been collected so far, and if you're curious, the dataset is available for download via the source.