Tesla CEO tweets that crash testing is complete, Model S production ready to roll


As the world awaits the arrival of Tesla's Model S, CEO Elon Musk has triumphantly tweeted (it was a busy night) that the car has passed all crash testing for a five star rating. The upshot, other than assuring prospective owners of their safety even if their limited edition ride gets dinged, is that cars can be built for sale and the first customer deliveries are scheduled for June 22nd -- just ahead of the original July projections. We've already had seat time in the sporty sedan, and if predictions hold, about half of the 10,000 who have preordered so far should get their shot in 2012, before production ramps up to 20,000 units in 2013. With a pricetag of up to $77,400 it may be time to make sure your financing is in order, although we're sure there others on the list who wouldn't mind moving up one bit. While you're counting down to the arrival of your own Model S (if, indeed, you ordered one) check out the source links for more info.

[Thanks, Adam]