LG's 55-inch OLED TV gets official design, possible €9,000 price tag (update 3: LG fills in more)


LG has been coy quiet about details of its 55-inch OLED TV since we saw its hyper-rich organic colors at CES, but it just nailed down a number of details at a Monte Carlo Monaco event. The 55EM9600 has seen its display base get visibly bigger now that the screen isn't being specially perched at a trade show, but the redesign and using a carbon fiber back has let it shed an extra millimeter of thickness, down to 4mm (0.16 inches). The steadier footing puts all the AV connectors at the back, while a trio of USB ports sit on the side for those who often share media from their cameras and flash drives. LG wouldn't give our Spanish team definite release info about the OLED set, but there's been repeated murmurs of a European price of about €9,000 ($11,313) and a possible release as soon as July, just inside LG's official target of the second half of the year. Certainly not the most frugal TV you can buy at this size if that's true, then, but it'll certainly get everyone's attention -- now where's our US details?

Update: There's now a swishy promo video below, plus some English language details at the source link.

Update 2: For those who'd like a bit more reading material, we've added the full PR after the break.

Update 3: LG has also helped settle some of the details that it can share at this early stage: July isn't looking likely, but the price could be on the sunnier side, tentatively edging closer to €8,000 ($10,063).

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Based on WRGB Technology, World's Largest and Slimmest OLED TV Demonstrates LG's TV Leadership by Delivering Unrivalled Picture Quality with Gorgeous Design

MONACO, May 23, 2012 – LG Electronics (LG) ushered in a new era of television with the unveiling of the world's largest and slimmest 55-inch OLED TV on European soil at Monaco's renowned Salle des Etoiles. In front of an audience of 400 dealers, journalists and special guest F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, LG officials vowed to de-velop the most advanced commercial OLED TV in the market and to be the first com-pany to bring these TVs to European consumers in the second half of the year.

"In the history of television, there have been very few innovations as impactful as the coming of OLED TV," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG's Home Entertain-ment Company. "We say THE ULTIMATE DISPLAY because LG OLED TV is truly above all expectations and beyond everyone's imagination with uncompromising picture quality and beautiful design. This year, we plan to make OLED synonymous with LG."

The OLED TV's WRGB technology is the culmination of years of research and devel-opment at LG, the company behind the world's first commercialized 15-inch OLED TV in 2009. LG's 4 Color Pixel technology relies on a white sub-pixel to perfect the color output. A Color Refiner enhances the image, resulting in pictures that are the most vi-brant, natural and comfortable to the human eye. The screen also delivers a perfect viewing experience without distortion or loss of contrast regardless of ambient bright-ness or viewing angle.

And unlike LCD or LED displays which require backlights, OLED TVs generate their own light, eliminating the need for backlighting. Furthermore, by utilizing carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for the exterior, LG engineers were able to create a final product with a thickness of only 4mm and weighed only 10kg. Thus the Paper Slim de-sign philosophy was born. What's more, LG's OLED TV combines the company's in-dustry-leading CINEMA 3D technology with Smart TV capabilities, creating the most immersive and comprehensive home entertainment experience on the market today.

"With OLED TV leading our premium product line-up in Europe, we have a very strong case to become the number one TV brand in this region." said Stanley Cho, head of LG's Europe Operations. "Until that day, we will continue to develop the products that have made us the most innovative home entertainment company in the industry."

Along with OLED TV, LG introduced the company's latest premium TV line-up for the European market. Ranging from CINEMA 3D Smart TVs with CINEMA SCREEN De-sign to Ultra Definition (UD) 3D TVs, this year's TV line-up is LG's most aggressive in terms of technology and design, reinforcing LG's premium image.