Engadget Podcast 295 - 05.25.2012

A lot's bubbling in the Law & Order sector of technology news this week, and you know these guys will get you hyper-informed on the ins and outs of patents, patent trolls, and the definition of "obviousness" as it applies to the lives of both the dinosaurs and the pioneers of said sector. If you're not into that stuff, we can't blame you, and for you we'll play along with Maker Faire from home and wax meta on Finnish phone companies. From our studio, to your home, it's The Engadget Podcast.

Host: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Orbital - Never

04:45 - Google officially closes deal for Motorola Mobility
11:55 - HP cuts 27,000 jobs, profit tumbles 31 percent in Q2
19:07 - Jury issues verdict in Android suit, finds that Google doesn't infringe Oracle patents
21:20 - ITC says again that Apple and RIM don't violate Kodak patent
23:53 - Nokia 808 PureView sample images: a moveable feast in 41 megapixels
28:37 - Nokia World broken up into smaller events, bumped up to September 5-6
32:25 - ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A preview
35:17 - Maker Faire Bay Area 2012, in pictures: 3D printers, unicorns, tesla coils and zombies (video)
46:08 - Incantor brings World of Warcraft to real life (hands-on)
51:05 - gTar iPhone guitar hands-on
53:33 - Apple applies for optical stylus patent, Hell reports coldest day on record
55:33 - Obit: Eugene Polley, co-creator of the wireless TV remote, passes away aged 96
56:54 - Listener questions

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