Lian-Li designs a moving train PC case, makes plugging in a challenge (video)

Lian-Li is a fan of odd-looking PC cases, but the boxes have usually had a tendency to remain stationary. The CK-101 takes away that one certainty: the design stuffs a fully functioning PC case with hard drive bays, a slim optical drive and USB 3.0 ports into an on-the-move model of a steam engine train. There's more than a few questions about how it works -- including whether or not it needs a battery to stay rolling, and just what's generating the 'steam' -- but it's already apparent from the video (below) that wired peripherals won't be much fun if you're chasing your computer down the tracks. There's a chance that Lian-Li will be selling a considerably more fixed-in-place version; we'll know more when the CK-101 is shown off at Computex in early June, where there will also be a show-specific, SUV-like Q15 case to sate your appetite for very literal car computers.

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Lian Li is On-the-Move at Computex Taipei 2012

Showcasing Special Edition Moving Chassis

29 May 2012, Keelung, Taiwan - Lian-Li Industrial Co., Ltd. will be attending Computex Taipei 2012 from June 5 to June 9, 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan. Lian Li invites and welcomes all distributors, system integrators, media, and technology enthusiasts to visit their booth (#J1009a at Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F) and get a hands-on preview of the new line before they enter the market later this year.

Special Edition Moving Cases

This year at Computex Lian Li will be showcasing two moving cases. The eye-catching CK-101 resembles a traditional steam engine train and will be moving up and down the tracks at the Lian Li booth. While the CK-101 even has smoke coming out of the exhaust, it is not just a model. The CK-101 supports 3.5" and 2.5" HDDs, a slim ODD, and USB 3.0.

Additionally, the SUV-esque PC-Q15 adds an automotive touch to Lian Li's theme this year. This PC-Q15, which is specially designed for Computex, will be driving around in loops at Lian Li's booth. Come see for yourself these crowd-gathering moving chassis.

New Line of Brushed Aluminum Chassis

Besides the moving chassis, Lian Li will be displaying four new cases that have yet to be released to the market. The displayed line will feature many innovative features and designs, including:

A chassis designed for extreme noise reduction that has no visible vents, and only has a carefully calculated sized intake vent underneath the chassis.

A server level chassis that can hold an HPTX motherboard with ease and has space to hold up to twenty 3.5" HDDs.

An upgrade of the PC-X2000F, which holds an EATX motherboard with lots of tool-less features and hotswap capabilities.

A skinny ATX chassis with lots of storage potential that can hold VGA cards up to 370mm in length.

See and Touch All Models

In addition to these highlighted products Lian Li will be displaying their full line of mini, mid, and full tower elegant brushed aluminum chassis with the high quality build and features that are to be expected from Lian Li. Lancool's Latest Steel Chassis Constructed with steel rather than aluminum, Lancool's chassis will be on display at Lian Li's booth. Come see for yourself these more mainstream-level steel chassis manufactured by Lian Li. Custom OEM Manufacturing Requests Welcome With 20 years of manufacturing experience for both system integrators and OEM/ODM clients, Lian Li is proud to be the only manufacturer in Taiwan able to provide quality aluminum workmanship and design. A rich history of cooperating with several of the world's top system integrators gives Lian Li the edge when it comes to understanding the needs of OEM/ODM and SI customers. Lian Li's renowned craftsmanship can deliver customers' special requirements with quick and professional results.

Youtube video of the CK-101 moving train chassis: