Quad Lock mounting system keeps your iPhone at hand anywhere

There are a lot of mounting systems for both iPhone and iPad, so news of another one usually doesn't trip my trigger. However, there's a new mounting system from Down Under that caught my attention recently thanks to its relatively low cost and low-profile design. The Quad Lock mounting system (US$69.95 for the Deluxe Kit) graduated from Kickstarter in January over 200 percent funded, and is now on the market. Let's take a look at the Quad Lock.

As with most mounting systems, the Quad Lock begins with a case. Right now, there's just a case for the iPhone 4/4S -- the company is also working on an iPad 2/3 case. If you purchase the Quad Lock system a la carte, you can start with the case and two wall mounts for $39.95. The case isn't anything special, other than it has the Quad Lock connector on the back.


The wall mounts fit into this connector, and with a quick twist your device is locked into or removed from the mount. The mounts have both an adhesive pad and a screw hole; most people would probably put the wall mounts in their cars, but you might want to attach your favorite iPhone to the wall of a house or the side of a cubicle on occasion.

The Deluxe Kit comes with another useful piece -- a bike mount. That consists of a Quad Lock mount on a curved piece that matches handlebars or other bike tubing, along with four rubber O-rings and a pair of standard black wire ties to connect it to the bike. I like the idea of the O-rings to temporarily connect the bike mount, since you may wish to move the mount from bike to bike easily. For a more permanent connection, use the wire ties.

Other bits that will work with the system in the future include a $19.95 "Poncho" protective cover that's perfect for use with the bike mount, a $19.95 tripod adapter, and a $14.95 universal adapter that adheres to the back of other devices or cases to hold your electronics in place. That latter product is going to be of interest to me, as I'd love to use the Quad Lock bike mount with my existing iPhone case (a mophie juice pack air).

What I like about the Quad Lock system compared to some others is that the mounts are quite small and unobtrusive. They only stick out about 9/16" and are a wee bit under 1.5" in diameter. The product pricing is reasonable, and I like the fact that you can build on a basic kit to add only those things you'll need.

Any negatives? Yeah, the basic case is a little less than exciting; that's why I'd personally wait for the universal adapter so it can be used with a "real case". Imagine slapping the universal mount on the back of a LifeProof or OtterBox case, then onto the bike mount for mountain biking. Nice!

I deliberately abstained from sticking the wall mounts to anything so that a TUAW reader can enjoy the full Quad Lock deluxe kit courtesy of the manufacturers, Annex Products, and TUAW. Here are the rules for the giveaway:

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