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Supposed new iPhone casings show up with tall body, tiny dock connector, tons of mystery (update: a bit of the front too)

When it rains, it pours -- after a tiny drizzle of tall iPod touch leaks, we're suddenly faced with a deluge of photos of what might just be the next iPhone's back plating. If that's what we're looking at through photos supplied by a historically reliable uBreakiFix, talk of bigger iPhone screens might just pan out, as it looks decidedly taller than the iPhone 4S we use today. Apple may likewise be going all old-school iPhone on us, with a modern twist: we could be reverting to an aluminum back with more receptive materials (likely glass) at the ends, just in a much thinner form that keeps the steel antenna band. Perhaps the most intriguing bit is at the bottom, where rumors of a much smaller dock connector may have been validated along with a shift of place for the headphone jack. There's still a chance we're looking at an elaborate KIRF or an early engineering prototype that could change, but given that 9to5 Mac just got very similar images with black trim, there's a real possibility that we've just been given a sneak peek of what to expect from Apple later this year.

Update: A handful of extra photos have surfaced at 9to5 that show a bit of the front, as well as better views of the back. It's looking like the new model won't quite be as skinny as some photos suggest, and we're digging the different-hued, two-tone design a bit more now that it's not being subjected to Mr. Blurrycam. We've included the more choice shots in the gallery.

[Thanks to Brandon and Steven from uBreakiFix] %Gallery-156349%