Inkling for Web puts iPad books in a browser

We've discussed Inkling's interactive digital textbooks numerous times here on TUAW, both in terms of the products the publisher has released and in comparison with Apple's own iBooks Author-created textbooks. Now the company has announced a way to read its books in Webkit-based web browsers.

Matt McInnis, Founder and CEO of Inkling, announced today that the company has introduced an HTML5-based Web client known as Inkling for Web. Initial support for Inkling for Web will be on the desktop versions of Chrome and Safari. Although mobile Safari and Chrome also support the Web client, MacInnis noted that the Inkling app for iPad is better optimized for touch.

Inkling for Web brings the company's travel guides, cookbooks, how-to books, and textbooks to Mac and PC users, complete with all of the interactive 3D graphics, multimedia, and social sharing that are in the iOS app. Considering that Amazon has a Kindle Web reader for all of its content, it's surprising that Apple still hasn't created a Mac OS or Web client for iBooks.