CompuLab to serve fanless AMD PC-3's stuffed with minted penguin

With the Ubuntu variant Mint roaming free as one of the more attractive Linux breeds, why not lock it up in its own mini-case? That'll happen soon thanks to mintBox, a joint venture with CompuLab, which will put the OS in two of its fanless PC-3's -- the T40N and T56N -- priced at $476 and $518, respectively. That might seem steep for the tiny 6 x 6 x 1-inch AMD G-series boxes, but with a Radeon HD 6290 APU and USB 3.0 / eSata ports, power is above par for its class. CompuLab will give some of the proceeds to Mint's team, so if you maybe want to throw some cash at the so fresh, so clean Linux distro, hit the source for more details.