Vimeo provides the soundtrack of our lives with new tools

What's Wes Anderson without the Kinks, Pulp Fiction without Dick Dale or Benny Hill without "Yakkity Sax?" Vimeo knows the power of a good soundtrack, so it's adding a couple of tools to its arsenal. The Enhancer lets users choose from some 50,000-plus tracks from the Vimeo Music Store, adding them directly to videos, adjusting audio levels and shifting the beginning and end of the song. A partnership with SmartSound, meanwhile, offers up access to 4,000 songs that can be customized by adjusting length, instrumental mix and musical arrangement. Tracks from the latter service will run $1.99 for non-commercial use and $20 for commercial licenses. Press release after the break.

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imeo®, an operating business of IAC [NASDAQ: IACI], today released two new features that help people personalize and enhance their videos. The new Enhancer allows people to add any of the 50,000+ music tracks from the Vimeo Music Store to their Vimeo videos directly from the site. New music partner SmartSound adds nearly 4,000 customizable tracks to give Vimeo customers the ability to match a complete piece of music perfectly to the length and mood of their videos.

"Vimeo wants to help people make better videos," said Dae Mellencamp, President of Vimeo. "Combining our educational efforts like Vimeo Video School with these new customization tools help make it easy for everyone to create videos that they are excited to share with the world."

Vimeo's new Enhancer will be a suite of cloud-based tools that allow people to modify and improve their existing videos, starting with music. Today's release gives video creators the ability to add a new soundtrack to their already uploaded video, adjust the existing audio levels, and control the start and end-point of the song.

Mellencamp added that "The right soundtrack can make the difference between a good video and a great one. By integrating SmartSound's unique offering of customizable music, Vimeo users can now make the soundtrack to their videos as unique and personal as the video itself."
SmartSound's offerings let users create customized soundtracks for their videos by controlling the length, musical arrangement, and instrument mix from a base of nearly 4,000 songs. SmartSound music is available now from the Vimeo Music Store, priced at $1.99 a track for personal use license and $19.99 per track for a commercial license.

Kevin Klingler, President of SmartSound, said that "Our new cloud-based system allows Vimeo to incorporate our patented technology, giving users instant access to over 20 million unique compositions based on the ideal song length, arrangement, and instrument mix needed for each video."