US Cellular reduces prepaid plan prices, increases costs for new smartphone owners

US Cellular has shuffled around its prepaid plans once again, and unfortunately, it's a bit of a mixed bag for those without a contract. As it stands, customers may choose between three plans that range between $35 and $65 per month. Unfortunately for smartphone users, the most expensive plan is now a requirement, which really stinks. The $65 plan (which used to cost $70), brings unlimited voice and messaging, along with 2GB of data usage. The mid-tier plan has seen a similar reduction from $60 to $50, and now brings unlimited voice, messaging and 1GB of data usage. Unfortunately, it only applies to feature phones, even for those who tend to use WiFi on their smartphones. Meanwhile, the entry level plan now stands at $35, and it'll be useful for those who keep their phone turned off most of the time: it includes 400 voice minutes, along with a 400 / 400 allotment for text and picture messages. If it's any solace for US Cellular's current prepaid customers with smartphones, just know that you may keep your current plan, as you aren't required to switch to the new tier.