The Daily Grind: What game have you judged without playing it?

Second Life offers you the best dance halls.

Okay, let's face it, there are a lot of MMOs out these days. And MMOs aren't like single-player games, where you can jump in and play for a few hours to get a decent idea of the gameplay. No, to really get an idea of what an MMO is like you need to sit down and play for quite some time, get a feel for the community, chat with other players...

It's a long road, and no one can walk it for every game. So we wind up judging games out of hand. We form an opinion about games that we've never played based on screenshots and snippets of reviews. We decide that Aion is a grindfest, Second Life is a nightmarish adult playground, Age of Conan is a bug-filled exercise in silliness, and Wizard101 is exclusively for children below age 10.

But there's more to these games. Each one of these games has a lot more going on than that simple and short description -- a description that may not even be accurate now, if it ever was true. So what about you? What game have you formed an opinion on without any play time, either now or in the past?

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