Wii U unlocks the key to the Miiverse, Nintendo promises mobile integration to come

As its pronoun heavy name indicates, the Wii U is all about the social. With that in mind, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unveiled the Miiverse, a coming together of players' avatars that will live on the console's home screen. Log in, and you'll see your Mii, your friends' Miis, Miis on your Wii U system and Miis of folks playing the same game as you in your locality. The Mii Wara Wara features Miis gathered around tiles representing Wii U games, with speech bubbles offering up real messages from other players.

There's plenty of social functionality built into the touchscreen controller, as well, users can text with other players to get information -- like gaming tips. Info can be input with a virtual keyboard, smartphone-style or can be handwritten or doodled with a stylus, à la the 3DS. The controller also seems to be a useful tool when using your system to teleconference on the big screen, so you can, say browse the web for info while chatting, tablet-style.

Nintendo has also promised more integration with non-Wii devices -- functionality that likely won't hit at launch. Since the information is accessible via mobile browser, you'll be able to carry social functionality over to your 3DS, PC and mobile phone -- it's not Super Mario for iOS, but it's a small step toward a more mobile Nintendo, we guess.

Update: Join us past the break to view the webstream for yourself!