N-trig DuoSense Pen and multitouch tech to power ASUS TAICHI input

Wondering about that mysterious stylus ASUS referenced yesterday during the company's TAICHI launch? A source has confirmed that the tech in play will be provided by N-trig, and will feature the company's existing DuoSense grid-based capacitive solution. N-trig uses a single digitizer to track both stylus and 10-point multitouch input, and can support up to 256 pressure levels with the battery-powered DuoSense Pen. ASUS didn't have the Pen on hand during its Computex event, so we can't speak to its size or precision, but if it's anything like N-trig's current product, it would definitely appear to be a versatile input device. We're still unsure of pricing and availability, along with detailed specs, but considering how quickly this input bit came to light, we shouldn't have long to wait for confirmation on that front either. Head on past the break for a closer look at TAICHI.