Dell XPS One 27 review roundup: an all-in-one PC worth owning

Dell XPS One 27 review roundup an allinone PC worth owning

Let's be honest here: there hasn't been an overly compelling option in the all-in-one PC space in a really, really long time. Not to say there weren't decent options, but that "blow you away" factor has been missing for a good while. No more. Dell's wildly handsome XPS One 27 has hit the ground running, and it's garnering near-universal praise across the web. While it boasts a somewhat steep price point ($1,399 and up), packs a touchpanel option and is landing just months before Windows 8's debut, critics at large seem to have fallen back in love with the AIO form factor thanks to this one machine.

Hot Hardware lauded the Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA Kepler graphics, and they had a tough time controlling their adoration for the Samsung PLS panel that stole the show. PCMag struggled to find cons, noting that the rig managed to put "almost every technology and feature we're looking for in a compact stylish chassis." AnandTech, however, rightfully points out that the lack of a touchpanel is no big deal in the land of Windows 7, but not providing the option for those looking forward to a Metro-fied Windows 8 experience may end up hurting the value proposition in the long run. Hovering over that buy button? Restrain yourself a bit longer while you dive into the source links below.