Fujitsu outs Lifebook U772/E Ultrabook with Ivy Bridge in Japan, aimed at the business crowd

In case you didn't have enough Ivy Bridge-loaded machines to choose from, now you'll have one more to add to the pile of options -- at least if you live in the Land of the Rising Sun. Keeping the momentum going, Fujitsu has unveiled a fresh business-oriented Lifebook, the U772/E. The company's flaunting this Ultrabook's security features as a main selling point, adding bits such as a fingerprint sensor and a security chip to help if you're feeling paranoid. Aside from that, you'll get a 14-inch LCD display (no word on resolution), a third-gen Core i5-3427U CPU, the promise of up to nine hours of runtime and an SSD / HDD mixture. So, just how much will you have to shell out? Fujitsu's slapping a 250,000 yen (about $3,200) price tag on the 9mm Lifebook (at its thinnest point) once it goes up for sale in Japan later this month.