Marvell unveils all-in-one 802.11ac WiFi chip for mobile devices: throws in Bluetooth and NFC

Less is more, right? Marvell has announced a new 802.11ac-enabled chip that includes NFC and Bluetooth, all in one. The Avastar 88W8897 is geared at mobile devices and aims to compete with Broadcom's own chipsets, wich are already being sold inside "5G Wi-Fi" routers. Marvell's attempts to cram in those extra connectivity options does, however, make it a more attractive option for phone manufacturers. The dual-stream config will mean its bandwidth peaks at around 900Mbps -- Broadcom's offerings can reach up to 1.3Gps. Marvell humbly suggests that its own chip would also be at home in larger devices, including ultrabooks and tablets. The company also claims that it's up 50 percent smaller than rival chip combinations that offer similar functionality and -- perhaps crucially -- costs 75 percent less. The chip also throws in Location Engine, a WiFi-based feature that works to augment indoor positioning. Consumer products are promised to arrive sometime next year, which should mean plenty of time to map out your home and office in preparation.