Sony demos Cross-Play, announces Cross-Controller DLC for Vita and PS3

One of the things we can look forward to in the coming year from Sony is some some lovely cross-platform content that makes the worlds of the PS Vita and PS3 just a bit more tightly integrated. Games like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will allow players to compete against each other, regardless of which Sony console they're using. The so-called cross-play functionality isn't limited to live play either, some games (including the aforementioned PS All-Stars) will allow you to save your game on one and pick up where you left off on the other. There will also be new downloadable content that will span Sony's home and portable consoles. The cross-controller DLC will come first to Little Big Planet 2, which will let you use your Vita to actually create levels on the PS3. Sadly Sony wouldn't divulge too many more details, but we can expect Battle Royale to hit shelves this holiday season. We guess this multi-screen entertainment thing is really going to take off this year.