Any.DO expands outside of Android, brings its handy To-Do tools to iOS and Google Chrome

Chances are some members of Team Android won't be too pleased to share the any.DO goods with the iOS squad, but for what it's worth, you'll always be able to say you had it first. After being a success on Google's mobile OS, any.DO has decided to test out other waters, including making its way to those iPod touches / iPhones / iPads of the world, as well as Google Chrome in extension form. On the iOS front, the app -- which sports a very minimalist, but sleek design -- allows users to add, adjust and edit multiple tasks using a drag-and-drop, gesture-based UI. Meanwhile, the Chrome extension keeps the similar productivity goal, but takes it to the larger screen -- what's best, however, is any.DO allows you to sync all your To-Do's between different devices regardless of OS. Both the iOS application and Chrome extension are free of charge, and you can grab the version best suited for you at either of the source links below.