AT&T's HTC One X available once again: now up for sale online, coming to retail on June 10th

Now that the ITC conundrum is partially over, it's time for the HTC One X to get back on track and make its way onto AT&T shelves yet again. For starters, the Rethink Possible outfit has the Sense 4-loaded handset up for grabs now via its online store, while brick and mortar shops are said to be expecting it as soon as June 10th. Other than that, pricing remains the same, which means you'll still have to shell out those $200 (with a two-year deal, naturally), or $550 without a commitment -- and, if you're feeling like spending some additional cash, you could grab that Media Link HD wireless dongle on your way out for an extra $90. Sound good? The source links below will take you there.